Aerial rendering: Best marketing tool for realtors and real estate companies

K-render will show you how to do aerial rendering, which is one of the most fascinating types of 3d rendering. What distinguishes aerial rendering from other types of 3D rendering and why should architects utilize it? Let’s take a look and see what we can learn.


Overview of aerial rendering

Aerial rendering, or exterior rendering with a bird’s eye view, is a type of cgi in which cgi specialists construct a larger-scale visual presentation of commercial or residential locations by setting the camera angle at a high height, similar to a bird’s eye view.

When compared to typical and dull rear, front, and side elevations, viewers use aerial rendering to see how it looks from afar and to generate a map of the surrounding terrain and scenery, making it distinctive and valuable for architects and viewers.

Viewers can see the property’s surrounds in an aerial rendering:

  • Surroundings and environment
  • Roads
  • Parking areas
  • etc

Who needs aerial rendering

Aerial rendering has a wide range of applications in the real estate and property marketing fields, and it may be used to depict a wide range of topics.

As I noted in my aerial rendering overview, aerial rendering is appropriate for anyone working in the real estate industry.

Those who needs aerial rendering are:

  • Real estate firms
  • Realtors
  • Real estate developers
  • Architects
  • Real estate marketers
  • etc

The benefits of using aerial rendering. 

Let us explain why aerial rendering is a booming technology in the real estate business and what amazing benefits you may receive from it for your work.

Aerial rendering increases sales

Imagine who can grasp and visualize the building with monotonous and traditional rear, side, and front elevations if you, the architect, are trying to communicate to customers how their houses or buildings seem. As a result, aerial rendering is a viable option for enticing customers and persuading them to choose you over your competitors. Bel Air Central- a highlight project by K-render is a project awarded for best house development in the Philippines. 

The eye is drawn to aerial rendering. Using them for outdoor banners and billboard posters will boost the chances of a sale by providing security and trust to the buyer.

Aerial rendering helps you to find your problems easily 

Aerial rendering is a fantastic way to increase the quality of a finished work because it shows us exactly what needs to be changed or improved. If you can notice and react to any abnormalities swiftly, you’ll wow your clients.

You can design your plan, but you may have no idea how it will appear in reality because it only contains lines, text, and no color, texture, etc. This is why 3d architectural studios come in handy. 

Aerial rendering assists you in precisely visualizing the size of your structures.

Nothing beats getting a sense of a building’s true size by looking down from above and seeing what’s around it.

Aerial depiction can show the entire structure from top to bottom in a realistic context, making the project’s size more understandable.

If your structure is complex and huge in scale, it will be considerably more difficult to visualize how each building connects to the others using only boring drawings.

You can see the full design by using aerial rendering.

In this approach, they’ll be able to observe and analyze every design decision you make, from structure geometry to finishing materials.

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