Basic things to know about Vietnam coffee export company

Vietnamese coffee products must be no longer strange to international friends, but few people know about Vietnamese coffee export companies.


Definition of Vietnam coffee companies

Vietnam coffee export companies are companies that sell their products related to coffee (coffee beans, coffee powder and so on) to other countries or territories.

Roles in the market

Vietnam coffee export companies play a vital role in the economy and the company itself. 

  • On a macro scale:

Vietnam is widely known as the second largest coffee exporter in the world. Thus, it cannot be denied that Vietnam coffee export companies are very developed. Vietnam coffee export company contributes to enrich the world’s coffee culture by unique coffee flavor of Vietnam.

  • On a micro scale:

Vietnam coffee export companies supply coffee that brings them profit that reinvest in companies themselves so as to improve the coffee quality of Vietnam so that we can compete with competitors.

Types of companies

There are two types of Vietnam coffee export companies.

  • Direct coffee export company

Companies which sell their coffee products themselves are called direct coffee export companies. Those companies do not need brokers or intermediate institutions as they have their own supply and growing areas of coffee. 

  • Indirect coffee export company

Those who do not directly grow coffee but import the raw materials then process high quality products for export are called indirect coffee export companies.

Products of Vietnam coffee export company

Product is an important factor determining consumption

Coffee beans

After harvesting, coffee cherries are processed in three different ways depending on the market they export that type of coffee. Germany and Sweden are two countries that prefer importing coffee beans for 

Export situation of each type of Vietnamese coffee

Coffee powder 

Germany and the United States are the two main coffee-consuming markets of Vietnam with 14.83% and 10.71% of total volume respectively.

The EU is continually the biggest consumer of Vietnamese coffee, accounting for 42.8%.

Factors that affect Vietnam coffee export company

Environment, the government’s policies, and the economy can have an effect on Vietnam coffee export companies.

Effect of supply

If the coffee season of that year has lower quantity than that of the previous one, it would affect the Vietnam coffee export company in finding sources to assure the export quantities. Besides, the government’s policies are also important because the growth of Vietnam coffee export companies depends on encouragement and promotions that create favorable conditions to the companies’ developments.

Effect of demand

Vietnam coffee export companies rely a lot on the demand of international customers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the global coffee demand decreased and Vietnam coffee export companies found it difficult to assure the exporting quantities as usual. 

Ways to work with Vietnam coffee export companies

There are some common steps to follow while working with Vietnam coffee export companies

Step 1: Share information, get to know each other and negotiate the prices.

Step 2: Sign contract, deposit money and prepare for goods.

Step 3: packaging, loading goods at port and paying for the rest bill.

Step 4: Following the orders.

Leading Vietnam coffee export company

Vietnam has a long-standing coffee culture so there are conditions for companies to develop. This article will give one company that is reputable in the field of import and export:


The K-Agriculture factory is among the leading coffee exporting companies in Vietnam through 25 years of establishment and development. With great feedback from customers and years of expertise, they are able to deliver the most high-quality coffee to meet the most demanding coffee lovers from all over the world.



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