Cinnamon Oil Suppliers A Comprehensive Guide For Wholesalers

Explore the top sources for high-quality cinnamon oil, ensuring you provide your customers with premium products. Learn about the factors to consider when selecting suppliers, including quality standards, certifications, and reliability. Enhance your wholesale business by partnering with trusted cinnamon oil suppliers and tapping into the lucrative market for this versatile and in-demand product.


1. General information about cinnamon oil suppliers

Cinnamon oil suppliers are businesses or individuals who specialize in the production, distribution, and sale of cinnamon oil. They source cinnamon bark or other parts of the cinnamon plant and extract the oil through a distillation or extraction process.

1.1. Location of cinnamon oil suppliers

Cinnamon oil suppliers can be located in various regions around the world. Some common locations where cinnamon oil suppliers are based include:

  • Sri Lanka: Known for its high-quality Ceylon cinnamon, Sri Lanka is a prominent source of cinnamon oil suppliers.
  • Indonesia: Indonesia is a major producer of cinnamon and home to many cinnamon oil suppliers.
  • China: China is another significant producer of cinnamon and a source of cinnamon oil suppliers.
  • Vietnam: Vietnam is known for its cinnamon production, including the extraction of cinnamon oil.
  • India: India is a traditional producer of cinnamon and has suppliers that offer cinnamon oil.
  • Madagascar: Madagascar is known for its unique variety of cinnamon, and some suppliers offer cinnamon oil from this region.
  • Other countries: Cinnamon oil suppliers can also be found in other countries such as Brazil, Malaysia, and the United States.

It’s important to note that the availability of cinnamon oil suppliers may vary, and wholesalers should conduct thorough research and reach out to potential suppliers to identify their specific locations and availability.

Location of cinnamon oil suppliers

1.2. Different types of cinnamon oil suppliers’ products

Cinnamon oil suppliers offer a range of products based on various factors. Here are some different types of cinnamon oil products that suppliers may provide:

  • Organic Cinnamon Oil: Cinnamon oil suppliers may offer organic cinnamon oil that is produced from organically grown cinnamon bark. It is free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and is suitable for customers seeking organic products.
  • Ceylon Cinnamon Oil: Ceylon cinnamon, also known as “true cinnamon,” is highly valued for its delicate flavor and aroma. Some cinnamon oil suppliers specialize in providing cinnamon oil derived specifically from Ceylon cinnamon bark.
  • Cassia Cinnamon Oil: Cassia cinnamon is a more common variety and has a stronger, spicier flavor compared to Ceylon cinnamon. Suppliers may offer cinnamon oil extracted from Cassia cinnamon bark for customers who prefer its robust taste.

It’s important for wholesalers to inquire with suppliers about the specific types of cinnamon oil products they offer. Suppliers may have different product variations or options available based on customer demand and market trends.

2. How to find reliable cinnamon oil suppliers 

Researching and assessing cinnamon oil suppliers is necessary. Steps to find a reliable cinnamon oil supplier:

  • Define Your Requirements: Determine the quantity of cinnamon oil you need, quality standards, certifications, and other business-specific criteria.
  • Research and Gather Information: Search online directories, trade platforms, and supplier databases for cinnamon oil suppliers. Read company profiles, websites, and reviews to learn about their history, products, and customers.
  • Check Supplier Credentials: The supplier should have ISO, GMP, or organic certifications. These certifications ensure cinnamon oil quality and best practices.
  • Quality Assurance: Ask about the supplier’s quality control, testing, and product analysis. Reliable Cinnamon oil suppliers should disclose their quality assurance processes, including purity, potency, and contaminant testing.
  • Request Samples: Ask potential suppliers for cinnamon oil samples to assess quality, aroma, flavor, and consistency. Compare samples to quality standards.
  • Supplier Communication: Talk to potential cinnamon oil suppliers to gauge their responsiveness, professionalism, and willingness to answer questions. A trustworthy supplier should be prompt, transparent, and provide detailed product and service information.
  • Supplier Reputation and References: Ask previous clients for references. Online forums, industry networks, and trade associations can provide supplier reputation and reliability information.
  • Request product specifications, certifications, ingredient lists, and pricing terms. Ensure the supplier meets regional regulations.
  • Compare Supplier Pricing and Terms: Compare pricing, payment terms, minimum order quantities, and delivery options. The Cinnamon oil suppliers’ value depends on shipping costs, lead times, and return policies.
  • Choose a Supplier: Find a long-term partner. Reliable suppliers provide consistent quality, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service.

Following these steps and doing your research will help you find a trustworthy cinnamon oil supplier who can supply your wholesale business with high-quality products.

How to find reliable cinnamon oil suppliers

3. Top 3 leading cinnamon oil suppliers in the market

There are 3 reputable cinnamon oil suppliers that wholesalers should consider when they want to import cinnamon oil products:

  • Hanoi Cinnamon: Hanoi Cinnamon is a top exporter of cinnamon oil in Vietnam. They put the quality of products and customer service first. They have nearly 10 years of experience in manufacturing and importing cinnamon. 
  • PT. Tripper Naturals Indonesia: This Indonesian cinnamon oil suppliers is well-known. They export Indonesian Cassia cinnamon. They guarantee high-quality cinnamon products with their industry experience. PT. Tripper Naturals Indonesia sources cinnamon from trusted farmers and uses advanced processing methods to preserve its rich flavor and aroma. They sell cinnamon powder, sticks, and oil.
  • Cinnatopia: Sri Lanka’s Cinnatopia produces premium Ceylon cinnamon. Cinnamon oil suppliers are known for their sustainability, ethical sourcing, and high-quality cinnamon. Cinnatopia works with local farmers to grow organic cinnamon and process it carefully. Their delicate, complex cinnamon products are highly sought after. Cinnatopia sells powder, sticks, and tea.

Before importing cinnamon oil from suppliers, wholesalers should conduct thorough research, verify the supplier’s credibility, inspect product quality, review necessary certifications and compliance, negotiate pricing and terms, and establish clear communication channels to ensure a successful and reliable partnership.

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