Dreams Ville Project is a Standard Rendering Product of K-Render Studio

In the following article, we will introduce the visualization process of Dreams Ville project and customer’s notes about this project.


Customer’s idea and purpose of Dreams Ville project

With Dreams Ville project, our customers always want to have a private and airy residential space. Besides, this will also be an ideal place to work for the owner as well as the client’s family.

Rendering process for Dreams Ville project

Here we will talk more about the entire rendering process of Dreams Ville project.

Lighting of each room in the Dreams Ville project

Firstly, the element that we want to mention first is the light factor.

Lighting of each room in the Dreams Ville project

Lighting is very important in the Dreams Ville house. You can feel the beauty of natural light in this home. Compared with lights, natural light will help the overall house become larger and brighter. But it still feels luxurious and extremely sophisticated.

Dreams Ville Furniture

The next factor is the materials used in the Dreams Ville house.

The main materials used in the project are brick and wood. We can see the gloss of the wood on the final render of this project.

To be able to create the gloss of the furniture in this house, our team of architects has prepared the most professional rendering software. With the ultimate aim is to bring customers the most authentic products.

Angle of each room in Dreams Ville 

The angle is the final important element of the Dreams Ville project.

After agreeing with the customer from the beginning, we have rendered for the project special shooting angles. All these photography angles will make customers can better visualize their room in the most realistic and detailed way possible.

Angle of each room in Dreams Ville

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