In-depth review of hair quality at Gla Hair

Follow this post to get a better understanding about the hair quality of Gla Hair – the leading Vietnamese hair extensions factory for the European market.

Is Gla Hair hair extensions quality as good as their reviews and feedback? Make it clear by looking at this article for the comprehensive review of Gla Hair.


About Gla Hair Factory

Appearing to be one of the earliest Vietnamese factories that specialize in supplying high quality hair extensions for the European area, Gla Hair has more than 10 years experience in the field. Until now, Gla Hair owned a 1000m2 factory with around 120 artisans in Bac Ninh, Vietnam working on the clock to meet the needs of wholesale hair extensions customers.

Gla Hair has worked with more than 2500 clients to export 100 tons of hair extensions worldwide, gaining the financial benefit along with getting the trust and belief of their customers. 

Gla Hair has risen and cooperated with many major wholesale customers in developed countries in the fashion and hair industry such as Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, England….and received many compliments for their hair quality.

Gla Hair Factory is an experienced specialist in producing hair extensions to Europe
Gla Hair Factory is an experienced specialist in producing hair extensions to Europe

Hair extensions quality at Gla Hair

In this part, let’s delve into the hair extensions quality that Gla Hair supply for their customers.

Vietnamese hair material & its texture 

Vietnamese hair material is the ideal type of hair texture to make hair extensions. Being reputable for their silky, strong and durable strands of hair that keeps the hair extensions look shiny and beautiful even after it experiences the heat and chemical effect.

Gla Hair hair extensions are made of 100% Vietnamese hair, including virgin hair and raw Vietnamese hair – the hair that has experienced no chemicals before and have kept the cuticle intact. Therefore, hair extensions at Gla Hair can last up to 5 years if customers give them proper care. 

Vietnamese hair texture 
Vietnamese hair texture

Hair extensions type

Gla Hair provides hair extensions with bulk hair, tip in, tape in, weft hair, genius weft, wig, and even ponytail hair. 

Among these types, bulk hair is the best option for hair manufacturers or big hair vendors that have their own facilities and need high quality hair to make hair extensions. 

These are popular selections that can be used for both amateurs who are individuals wanting to use hair extensions at home temporarily and reusable hair extensions (clip in, ponytail).

Some types of hair extensions that Gla Hair provides
Some types of hair extensions that Gla Hair provides

Hair extensions style

Gla Hair can supply hair extensions with many styles of hair: from natural hair, bone straight, (loose, body) waves, (kinky, funmi,etc…) curly, to kinky, yaki hair extensions. These ranges of styles cover the most basic to trendy hair extensions, suitable for both everyday use and for professional purposes. 

  • Hair extensions at Gla Hair are totally fine to be styled as they use top-notch materials to style the hair, which remains the curl or the wave hold well during the use. 
  • Even after a long time and the curls or the style of the hair are stretched (which is an unavoidable thing), customers can re-style it again by flattening the hair and customizing another style. 
  • Gla Hair has 150 skilful artisans to style the hair correctly to the customers’ requirement. 
Gla Hair can provide various styling installments
Gla Hair can provide various styling installments

Standard color tone of Gla Hair extensions 

Much customers feedback that the hair extensions meet their needs in being capable of mixing different colors.  There are 3 things that can explain the standard color that Gla Hair made:

  • The high uniformity of Vietnamese hair helps the color dyed to be an even and bright color.
  • Gla Hair has a team researching the features of hair extensions. Therefore, they can customize, adjust the hair extensions color to fit the needs of the customers’ desires.
  • They also exchange information clearly with their customers about the color because they acknowledge factors that can affect hair, so that they can reduce the risk of wrong color considerably.

Gla Hair extensions have firm producing system of hair extensions

The production process at Gla Hair involves several meticulous steps to create high-quality hair extensions. 

  • Step 1: Raw hair material is carefully collected, sorted, and brushed to remove dirt and bacteria. Bundles of 100g hair are prepared for further processing. The collected hair undergoes thorough washing with hair shampoo to ensure freshness and cleanliness. 
  • Step 2: Once cleaned, the material is dried to be ready for extension production. High-powered dryers are used for efficient drying.
  • Step 3: During the intricate customization and styling phase, Gla Hair caters to individual preferences by offering color customization. Their skilled lab teams expertly mix shades to match customers’ desired look. Styling options include natural straight, bone straight, curly, wavy, and even modern styles like kinky, yaki, or jerry. 
  • Step 4: Supervisors closely monitor each stage to maintain quality standards. A final check ensures that the extensions are in excellent condition. 
  • Step 5: Only after manager approval and customer satisfaction via online communication, the extensions are now ready for delivery. 
Some pictures in the step of customizing & styling hair extensions 
Some pictures in the step of customizing & styling hair extensions

Thanks to these steps, Gla Hair successfully controls the hair extensions production procedure, allowing them to supply high quality hair extensions to their wholesale customers all over the world.

This post has analyzed and explained the high quality at Gla Hair. Gla Hair is truly legitimate and can be selected as one of the best choices for those who are finding hair extensions with premium quality. 

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