K-Hair: The secret of top hair company to get worldwide reputation 

Although the hair business is beneficial and promising, not all the investors can achieve the success. Along with the structure of management and the production of hair extensions, the marketing work plays a crucial role in improving the position of a company in the global market. K-Hair is recognized as a famous wholesale hair extension vendor in global-scale with a great marketing strategy. This article will provide you an insight into the secret of this successful company.

K-Hair is a Vietnamese hair factory which manufactures and exports human hair extensions to other countries around the world. The company has been founded since the 1990s, with the passion of being the dominant hair distributor in the regions and worldwide. The material of K-Hair’s products is the hair collected from native women living in the rural and mountainous areas of Vietnam. As these condors have limited appliance of chemical products on their hair as well as healthy living habits, the hair source is high-quality. Thus, the human hair extensions supplied by K-Hair are recognized as one of the most luxurious products. 

K-Hair has firm relationships with international vendors, particularly those in Europe, Africa and America. This company also has its agencies in the UK and Nigeria. Every month, K-hair exports tons of human hair extensions to other partners in those countries as well as dozens of retail sellers all over the world. Not only does K-Hair reach the top ranking in the domestic market but this factory is also recognized as a potential competitor in the hair business of Asia continent.

Are you curious about the secret that helps K-Hair become a top hair vendor in global-scale? The answer is revealed in the following part.

The official website of this company is k-hair.com, which has functioned effectively in promoting the business of K-Hair. On the first day of running the hair business, the CEO of K-Hair with great vision decided to take advantage of the Internet for marketing work. Firstly, the website provides the fullest information about K-Hair in a comprehensive and organized way. There are history, structure, passion, policies… of the factory in the category About us. Secondly, the website of K-Hair provides useful knowledge about hair types and tips for hair care through the writings updated daily. If you are new to the hair market, those articles will equip you with basic understanding about the human hair extensions products and further valuable information. 

Thirdly, the official website of K-Hair also has online shopping service available. You can go to the categories of hair products on the website, there are details and descriptions of each type of human hair extensions provided. After choosing the appropriate human hair items you want to purchase, you can order them directly from the website. There are multiple payment methods offered to be relevant to your situation. Lastly, there are hotline and the contacts of staff of K-Hair attached on the official website of the factory. K-Hair focuses on improving the customer service from the beginning; thus, the support is available 24/6 for anyone who wants to know more about the products or wants to discuss before starting a  cooperation with the company.      


Beside creating the official website of the company, K-Hair CEO and his crew also built a channel on Youtube for promotion of the brand. After two years, this channel reached more than 100.000 subscribers and received the Silver button from Youtube. There is a video about the history and development of K-Hair with lively scenes and attractive content. Every week, there are short videos posted  to introduce the products of the company as well as provide an understanding about the hair business. You can go for this channel to learn more about how to discriminate between the low and high quality of human hair extensions or how to avoid the risk in purchasing the human hair extensions items… Thanks to the diversified and useful videos, the youtube channel of K-Hair has attracted numerous viewers; therefore, the reputation of the company has been improved a lot. 

Meanwhile, the brand K-Hair gained more attention from the international vendors thanks to the feedback of their clients. To be honest, although K-Hair is an experienced hair supplier in the global hair market, they have been working immensely with the motto “Quality is King”. Therefore, each product imported from K-Hair is committed to have on point quality as well as pleasing prices. The former and present customers of K-Hair are always satisfied with the hair products and their supporting services. The feedback has spread the sincere work of K-Hair to more hair vendors around the world and there are more and more sellers who want to start a hair business with K-hair. This is not actually a subjective marketing strategy of K-Hair; however, their nice work and great attitude toward the customers bring back another indirect means of promotion. 

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