Top 5 Products You Should Avoid To Keep Your Hair Healthy.

Shiny hair is one of the signals that your body is in good shape. Cosmetics and shampoos aren’t the only things that preserve and care for this area.

Hair and scalp health may be achieved in a variety of ways, including diet. Some foods might harm your hair, while others can help it grow faster and more lustrous. Here is a list of foods that are unhealthy for your hair so you may make changes to your everyday diet.



Mercury levels in this fish are frequently high, which can lead to hair loss. The level of mercury in wild fish is increased as they get larger. Mackerel and even certain tuna species are comparable to swordfish.

Chronic mercury poisoning is caused by consuming meals containing organic mercury, which is most typically found in marine seafood. Depending on the amount of mercury absorbed by the body, symptoms generally occur within days to weeks. Paresthesia, ataxia, neurasthenia, hearing loss and dysarthria, narrowing of the field of vision, mental disorientation, muscular spasms, mobility abnormalities, and perhaps death are some of the neurological signs.

Mercury toxicity produces the traditional trio of gingivitis, salivation, and tremors, as well as mental issues. Insomnia, forgetfulness, psychological instability, and poor academic performance are common in children.

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Beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages can interfere with zinc metabolism in the body. The amount of zinc in the body is reduced by alcohol, which is a necessary element for optimal hair growth. It also dehydrates the hair, resulting in brittleness and dryness. Alcohol has the same effect on your skin, speeding up the aging process.


When the scalp absorbs too much oil, the scalp produces more oil, resulting in greasy hair. Consuming too much fat impairs metabolic function and thickens the subcutaneous fat layer. Hair growth is hampered when the hair follicles become clogged with oil.

Sugar consumption can impair blood circulation, restrict blood flow to the scalp, and disrupt the availability of nutrients to hair follicles. Furthermore, too much sugar can cause testosterone levels to rise, resulting in hair loss.

After consuming sweets, the body’s sugar metabolism produces a big amount of sour material, which stimulates testosterone secretion more easily, causing fat to accumulate beneath the skin, preventing the hair from absorbing nutrients, and resulting in hair loss.

When you eat a lot of sweets, your body naturally responds by producing more insulin, which is an androgen – a hormone that contributes to hair follicle shrinking. This condition persists for a long time, resulting in hair loss.

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Greasy food

These kinds of food, according to Boldsky, include saturated fatty acids, which can trigger hormonal abnormalities and hair loss.

Saturated fats and oxidized oils in foods might clog the ventilation openings in the scalp. This occurrence will result in hair loss. Any foods containing trans fats, such as margarine, baked goods, or cookies, should be avoided, according to Melina Jampolis, a registered dietician and internist in Los Angeles.

Animal proteins

Protein is a vital nutrient that aids in the growth of healthy hair. Consuming too much of this chemical from animals, on the other hand, can be harmful. Instead, according to Eliza Savage, a doctor and hair care expert at Middleberg Nutrition Center, you should eat protein from plants, such as green vegetables. They not only contain a lot of nutrients, but they also help to keep your hair healthy.

Furthermore, you must ensure that you consume enough cystine, an amino acid that aids in the maintenance of protein structure in the hair. Broccoli, wheat germ, and bell peppers are all good providers of this vitamin.

Dairy products

The fat in dairy products, such as full-fat milk or full-fat cheese, can also boost testosterone levels.

Furthermore, if you have skin conditions like itching, peeling skin, dandruff, or eczema, eating too much dairy products might trigger scalp inflammation and hair loss.

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