Queen Hair and the best hair suppliers in Vietnam

Queen Hair is a leading Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria, with over a decade of experience producing and supplying hair to various hair wholesalers throughout Africa, particularly Nigeria. If you have intention to buy hair for business, you will find this article extremely useful.


Regards from Queen Hair  Vietnamese Hair supplier in Nigeria founder

Ms Jessica – the CEO as well as a hair expert of our Queen Hair factory had a number of significant contributions to the success of Queen Hair factory.

Ms Jessica – our CEO has long been famous for being a creative, agile, and knowledgeable hair expert . She can grasp and understand the demand for a hair supplier as a partner in Vietnam as well as foreign companies. Jessica catches the insight that the majority of hair entrepreneurs around the world require a wholesale hair vendor to provide high quality products with affordable price, which can generate economic effectiveness. As a result, Queen Hair factory was established with the aim of becoming their partner. Ms Jessica and our Queen Hair factory want to spread a message that let’s discover your inner Queen today with Queen Hair, which is made of 100 percent real hair, and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.

What is the service of our Queen Hair factory?

We specialize in producing high-quality hair extensions at a reasonable cost. Here are some of the most popular hair services we offer:

  • International customer service

With a qualified team of Queen Hair, we are proud to provide advice to all clients on how to expand your business. We have packages to suit your business’s needs, such as start-up packages, perennial business packages, small business packages, large enterprise packages, and so on. Furthermore, only by sending us your budget, we will advise you on the products that are best suited to your business.


  • Nigerian Customer Service

Queen Hair has officially opened a hair salon in Nigeria to provide Vietnamese hair to Nigerian and African customers. Furthermore, we have a hair showroom in Nigeria to help clients with addressing any problems they may have with our company as soon as possible. We work hard to provide the best hair extensions and customer service to customers across the African hair market, ensuring that they are happy with their purchases.

What makes our Queen Hair factory special?

Queen Hair has become the most reputable hair supplier and a trustful place for a large number of customers for 20 years. So what factors create such a special Queen Hair?

Understanding insight of customers 

All members of Queen Hair are hair experts who have investigated thoroughly about hair market and know about hair styles in the world. So our Queen Hair can best understand the customer’s demand, and can even make suggestions to adjust types of hair so that the customer has the most suitable products for their business.

Queen Hair supply affordable price

Queen Hair provides hair products at a very reasonable price. This is critical for wholesale hair vendors who want to be as cost-effective as possible. Queen Hair is located in raw material area so we do not need to import hair from other nations. 

Additionally, because hair sources are plentiful in Vietnam, the supply of hair to Vietnamese hair manufacturers is extremely consistent, resulting in the price of hair supplied to Vietnamese hair factories remaining extremely stable and unchanged. As a result, Queen Hair’s wholesale hair seller prices are fairly consistent.

Queen Hair supply good quality hair

Queen Hair only collects hair from Vietnamese women. Furthermore, the Vietnamese raw hair that we sell is made entirely of human hair from healthy donors, with no eggs or lice. In addition, because of their healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and herber hair washing, Vietnamese women’s hair is naturally smooth, healthy, and strong.

Queen Hair offers a wide range of hair products.

The variety of items available is a significant advantage that may assist you in increasing the number of people who purchase your goods. Queen Hair offers a wide range of innovative hair products to assist wholesale hair dealers in accomplishing this goal.


  • Queen Hair’s versatility is another noteworthy feature that wholesalers should take note of. This is due to the fact that the hair we collect comes from healthy donors and is 100 percent human hair. As a result, hair is easily groomed and can even be bleached or dyed to a variety of colors.
  • Queen Hair has a long history of producing hair in the hair industry. As a result, we are able to provide exactly what wholesale hair vendors require in terms of hair types and colors. The most important thing is that the hair stays in good condition.
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