Short grain rice: Good choice for consumers

Nowadays, short grain rice is prefered by many rice eaters around the world due to its rich nutrient contents, high quality and reasonable price.

  1. Short grain rice: An overview

Short grain rice, as its name implies, is a slightly rounded type of rice. After being cooked, most short grain rice has a soft and sticky texture compared to other rice varieties.

The two most popular short grain rice varieties are: 

Glutinous rice

Glutinous rice or sticky rice is a type of Vietnamese short grain rice popular in Asia countries. This type of rice is especially sticky when cooked and is safe for gluten-free diet. 




Originating from Japan, Japonica rice grains are round, flexible because of their lower amylose content and contain amylopectin. After being cooked, the rice is fluffy and round like pearls and has a sweet taste and  much nutrition.



  1. How to cook short grain rice

Everyone can cook short grain rice with just a few simple steps

Step 1: Wash the short grain rice in fresh  water until your rice is cleaned. Exceptionally, sticky rice is required to be soaked in water for a few hours before cooking.

Step 2: Add your short grain rice in the cooker with water. The amount of water to cook relies on which type of short grain rice your rice is. Another way to cook Vietnamese white rice is steaming, which is used to cook the sticky rice.

Step 3: Wait until your short grain rice is cooked and you can enjoy your flavorful short grain rice. Short grain rice can be eaten with side dishes like  pork, beef, chicken, or any vegetable you like.

Vietnamese short grain rice
  1. Top short grain rice brands

This is the list of top short grain rice brands to buy.


Angimex-Kitoku Co

Having 20 years of establishment and development, Angimex-Kitoku Co. Ltd (AKJ) has always a pioneer in creating equipment to improve the quality of short grain rice to meet the increasing demands of foreign rice markets like Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. 

K-Agriculture Factory

Having 25 years exporting agricultural products, K-Agriculture Factory is one of the top rice suppliers in Vietnam. Short grain rice from our company are Japonica rice, Japonica 5% broken rice. In addition, K-Agriculture Factory possesses HACCP and ISO certificates so all the products have the guaranteed quality.

Long-time factory

Gentraco Limited Company

Located in the rice center of the Mekong Delta, Gentraco has been exporting rice for over 30 years. The annual export output is about 300,000 – 400,000 tons. The main products of Gentraco are Japonica rice and glutinous rice, etc.




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