Top 3 leading Jasmine rice suppliers you have to know

With the advantages of high quality of product and the most reasonable price, many Jasmine rice suppliers in Vietnam have been trustworthy and reputable of foreign traders. 


Jasmine rice suppliers:  The reason to choose

Vietnamese jasmine rice suppliers have competitive advantages compared to the other competitor of different countries are reasonable prices and stable quality of jasmine rice.

Jasmine rice

Competitive prices of Jasmine rice suppliers

Thanks to the favorable distance, the logistic cost to export jasmine rice from Vietnam to Africa is more affordable than the wholesale price of high quality Jasmine rice in Thailand, the biggest exporter, accounting for 30% of the world’s fragrant rice trade. In particular, Vietnamese jasmine rice cost 597 USD/MT, while Cambodian Rumduol rice cost 800 USD/MT and Thai Hom Mali cost 950 USD/MT.  

Stable quality of Jasmine rice suppliers

Despite the fact that the Vietnamese jasmine rice wholesale price is half that of Thai jasmine rice suppliers while the quality of both is the same.

In many challenging markets, such as the EU, Vietnamese jasmine rice suppliers meet tight requirements. Vietnam’s government and jasmine rice suppliers have been continuously improving the jasmine rice production processes in order to meet global standards and raise the quality and value of Vietnamese jasmine rice.

Top 3 leading Jasmine rice suppliers you have to know

Sunrise Ins Group – wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice supplier

With 11 years of development, Sunrise Ins Group has been one of the top leading jasmine rice suppliers in Vietnam. They established a large supply chain in both the local and international markets. Sunrise Ins Group’s major product is the best jasmine rice from Vietnam. In addition, the company exports many other rice varieties, including ST rice, KDM rice, Japonica rice, and medium-grain rice.


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K-Agriculture Company – wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice supplier

K-Agriculture Company is the leading jasmine rice supplier in Vietnam. Established in 1996, K-Agriculture Company is a reputable and reliable jasmine rice supplier to many foreign wholesalers in China, Dubai, the USA, etc. They are impressed with the high quality of Vietnamese jasmine rice at the most reasonable price as well as the professional services.

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Vilaconic – wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice supplier

Another reliable jasmine rice supplier in Vietnam is Vilaconic. The major rice varieties that Vilaconic specializes in are aromatic rice and ST rice, which are exported to target markets such as China, the Middle East, Africa, and the EU. Their products are highly regarded by customers and are certified by global standards. The company has been certified by SCG, HALAL, and other organizations.

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