Vietnamese hair type and all you need to know before purchasing

If you are having trouble finding the right Vietnamese hair type, don’t worry, many people are just like you. The variety of Vietnamese hair types also makes it difficult for many people to find the best product to buy. Read this article to the end for the answer

The variety in quantity and quality of Vietnamese hair type is creating a disturbance in the hair buying and selling market. Many people when looking to buy Vietnamese hair extensions are faced with many choices about Vietnamese hair type and cannot find the answer. Don’t worry, this article will give you a great deal of information about Vietnamese hair type.


Definition of Vietnamese hair type

Of course, before diving into the classification of Vietnamese hair type, what we wonder is: What is Vietnamese hair type?

  • Vietnamese hair types are hair extensions belonging to the Vietnamese market, originating from Vietnam and made up of 100% Vietnamese human hair. If your product is called by the supplier: “Vietnamese hair type” but is made of synthetic fibers, it is definitely not Vietnamese hair type.
Definition of Vietnamese hair type
  • Vietnamese hair type is usually only produced in Vietnam. The reason for this is that it is often not easy to find quality hair sources from Vietnam and it is difficult to transport Vietnamese hair materials to foreign countries. So, if an international factory tells you that their Vietnamese hair type product is made in a country other than Vietnam, 90% of them are lying to you.
  • Currently, the demand for Vietnamese hair type in the market is quite high, making this one of the most sought-after products. So the price for Vietnamese hair type products is usually quite high. So be careful when searching for Vietnamese hair type.

This is the definition of Vietnamese hair type. Please read and ponder these carefully to get the most comprehensive view of the nature of Vietnamese hair type.

How to classify Vietnamese hair type

Vietnamese hair type is the common name for all hair products from Vietnam. Therefore, there are many types of Vietnamese hair type products on the market. Below are the most basic and popular product lines of Vietnamese hair type.

  • The first and most advanced product line of Vietnamese hair type is: Vietnamese virgin hair bundles. Vietnamese virgin hair is the best quality hair extension products. This premium product of Vietnamese hair type is usually harvested from the shiny hair of young women between the ages of 18-22. Because of this, the hairs of this Vietnamese hair type are usually very strong, smooth and have a long life. The main feature that makes people buy Vietnamese virgin hair bundles is its ability to bleach and dye. When owning this product line of Vietnamese hair type, you can safely bleach and dye it to any color without worrying about breakage.
  • The second best product line of Vietnamese hair type is: Vietnamese remy hair. Although only the second best quality, Vietnamese remy hair is the most popular product in the line of Vietnamese hair type. The reason for this is because Vietnamese remy hair is easier to harvest. To create Vietnamese remy hair, people will harvest from more than 1 donor, resulting in the cost of this Vietnamese hair type much cheaper than Vietnamese virgin. If you only need to use a Vietnamese hair type without bleaching and dyeing, choose Vietnamese remy hair.

And those are the two most popular product lines of Vietnamese hair type. When searching for Vietnamese hair type, consider choosing a product that is more suitable for your needs. You don’t have to choose the most expensive, best product. Please choose the most suitable Vietnamese hair type.

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