Vietnamese rice suppliers: A bright future to develop

ST rice, jasmine rice, and glutinous rice are products that Vietnamese rice suppliers are providing for a huge number of customers. Vietnamese rice suppliers are making an effort to bring the best services and products to global customers.


An overview of Vietnamese rice suppliers

To work well with Vietnamese rice suppliers, there are dozens of information that a customer should know

Jasmine rice

Main products of Vietnamese rice suppliers

Vietnamese rice suppliers supply a variety of products, which depend on customers’ needs. Popular lines of rice include:

  • High-value specialty Vietnamese rice includes many ST rice varieties like ST05, ST24, ST25. This type of rice is famous for its fragrance and nutrients, ST rice is the most popular in the market. Its biggest market is China as this country just wants to import specialty rice.
  • Long grain fragrant rice includes Jasmine, DT8, OM5451, etc. These rice varieties are distributed mainly in China, Africa, Philippines.
  • Japonica rice is a huge group of rice, stemming from Japan. This line of rice was introduced in Vietnam in the late 2000s and distributed by many Vietnamese rice suppliers.
  • Glutinous rice: The source of high-quality sticky rice is usually in the North. It is mainly consumed in China to make many delicious dishes for breakfast.

Locations of Vietnamese rice suppliers

The Mekong Delta and Red River Delta are two largest areas locating many Vietnamese rice suppliers.

  • The Red river delta is the oldest rice cultivation region, which has many delicious and high-quality rice varieties. Most of the rice products from the Red river delta are consumed in Vietnam and only a small quantity is exported to China. Vietnamese rice suppliers mainly located in the Red River Delta to transport rice conveniently. Leading products of this region are glutinous rice and DT52 rice.
  • Mekong Delta is the biggest rice bowl in Vietnam,  focusing on agricultural goods, making up about 90% of the volume of Vietnam’s rice exports. Vietnamese rice suppliers distribute popular types of white rice in the Mekong Delta.
  • Vietnamese rice suppliers are also in the northern provinces and mountains and central coast. These regions are not large but are essential areas to export rice through quotas to China. Therefore, Vietnamese rice suppliers focus on glutinous rice production to export in bulk.

Some features of reliable Vietnamese rice suppliers

There are some outstanding signs that a customers could recognize which is a reliable Vietnamese rice suppliers.

  • Identified address

Trustworthy Vietnamese rice suppliers should confirm their office’s location with clear images to ensure the trust of customers. Besides, a professional website raises the trust of customers.

  • Legal business license

One of the most important elements to run a business is having permits issued by authorities. Buyers could trust Vietnamese rice suppliers if they possess it.

  • Specialized Certifications

Vietnamese rice suppliers need ought to have several qualifications to show the product quality such as CFS, ISO 22000/HACCP. To reach international importers, Vietnamese rice suppliers must meet many criteria of the picky markets like Global GAP of EU, etc.

Reasons for working with Vietnamese rice suppliers

Vietnamese rice suppliers posess many advatanges to boost their strong points in rice market.

  • Rice production

In 2020, regarding southern areas’ productivity, the winter-spring crop increased by 0,16 tons/ha compared to last year’s volume. Generally, rice production remains stable, which supports Vietnamese rice suppliers to ensure supply and store enough to export. Vietnam rice exports reached a high peak in 2020 with the volume of rice reaching 6.15 million tons. Therefore, Vietnamese rice suppliers always ensure to supply enough volume.

  • Diverse products

In the category of exported rice, Vietnamese white rice export was 707,300 tons, accounting for 34%, and consumed most by customers in the world. Moreover, Vietnamese rice suppliers also provide fragrant rice, sticky rice and specialty rice such as ST25, ST24 KDM, etc. These products are distributed to enormous markets like China and Europe.

  • Policies

Government policies are boosting Vietnamese rice suppliers in many aspects. Many FTAs like CPTPP, EVFTA, RCEP are helping make Vietnamese rice well-known.  Growth in the rice field is predicted to rise by 2,6% per year in the next decade and brings a big profit for Vietnamese rice suppliers.

Channels to find Vietnamese rice suppliers

Nowadays, Vietnamese rice suppliers are available on every channel that their customers are.

  • Through the internet

Customers could surf the websites of Vietnamese rice suppliers, read the review to assess the profession of Vietnamese rice suppliers.

  • Contact via e-commerce platforms

Online stores are familiar with customers like Alibaba, Go4World. This is a convenient way for buyers to choose Vietnamese rice suppliers. However, seeking Vietnamese rice suppliers through the Internet contains many dangers like scamming or low-quality products.

  • Hiring brokers

If customers do not know how to buy rice from Vietnam, they could hire brokers to contact and make contracts with reliable Vietnamese rice suppliers.

Top 3 best Vietnamese rice suppliers

Here are reputable names of Vietnamese rice suppliers that affirm their position in the rice market with high quality over time.

Thanh Tin – One of the biggest Vietnamese rice suppliers

Thanh Tin is producing many rice lines which are consumed by domestic and foreign markets. In 2010, the company won the right to use the certification mark “Soc Trang Aromatic Rice”. Thanh Tin is confirmed to be the supplier eligible for direct export and listed in the top of Vietnamese rice suppliers.

K-Agriculture Factory – One of the leading Vietnamese rice suppliers

K-Agriculture Factory is considered as having the potential for great growth. K-Agriculture Factory is supplying rice, coffee, spices to over 80 countries all over the world. This supplier has the trust of customers in a reasonable price, good cargo handling and high-quality products. Besides, K-Agriculture Factory possessed HACCP and ISO certificates.


Tan Dong Tien – One of the potential Vietnamese rice suppliers

Tan Dong Tien has received a certificate of qualification of the rice exporting business in 2011. In 2018, this supplier produced 150000 MT and had a profit of 75,000,000 USD. Tan Dong Tien’s main products are fragrant rice, white rice and glutinous rice.

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